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Live Webcast Starting 8:00pm July 24, 2011


Guests of Honour

Eyakkunar Sigaram Shri K.Balachander, Padmashri Kamal Hassan, Gollapudi Shri Maruthi Rao, Prof. G.Gnanasambandam, Smt Nityashree Mahadevan,Shri R. Krishnaswamy – Narada Gana Sabha,Shri V.Vishwanathan – L Ve Creators,Trisakti Shri.Sundar Raman

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41st Annual Thuglak Anniversary

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Live Webcast Starting 5:30pm January 14, 2011

41st Annual Thuglak Anniversary Speech by Cho Ramaswamy – 14th Jan 2011 5:30pm to 9:00pm IST Music Academy, Chennai

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Starting 7pm September 25, 2010

An astonishing milestone of Sri Brihadeeswara Temple, in Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, south India is coming by 1000 years of its life.

Many events are being contemplated to mark this event.
The Tamil Nadu state government has drawn up a programme for Sept.25 and 26.
One unique part of this event is to be presented by Association of Bharatanatyam Artistes of India (ABHAI), in association with Brhan Natyanjali, Thanjavur.

1000 dancers will perform on the natural stone platform around the giant ‘nandi’ inside the Brihadeeswara Temple on 25th September 2010, after dusk to commemorate the 1000 years of the temple.ABHAI says this is a form of BRHAN-NATYA YAGNA, a grand offering by dancers to show their gratitude to king Raja Raja Chola who built the temple. All the dancers will perform a hymn on Vinayaka and verses by Karur Devar. Dr. Padma Subrahmanyam, President of ABHAI has set the music and choreographed the items. The performance will be for about 30 mins.

ABHAI (Association of Bharatanatyam Artistes of India) is of, by and for the dance community., the web site for Carnatic music and classical dance lans to web cast this unique dance event.

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1000 dancers’ fete aims at Guinness

1000 dancers’ fete aims at Guinness

Millennium Celebrations: Padma Subrahmanyam (fourth from right) and 1,000 artistes perform the Bharatanatyam as part of the Millennium Celebrations of the Big Temple, an architectural wonder built by King Rajaraja Chola I, in Thanjavur on Saturday. The dance was a tribute to the temple, which has withstood the test of time for over 1,000 years, and to the king who built it.

Tamil Nadu is making an attempt at setting a Guiness World Record out of the grand spectacle that was staged as part of the millennium celebrations of the Big Temple

It was a challenge to make everyone feel that there were 1,000 dancers on the floor. After all, the event could make it to the Guinness book of records and had to be verifiable.

K.S. Sudhakar of Swathi Soft Solutions and S.B.Khanthan, director, had to meet theorganising challenge. Now that the event is over, they have filed an application for the mammoth dance event, marking the completion of 1000 years of Brahadeeswarar Temple at Thanjavur, for listing as a Guinness achievement.

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