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Power of Music

By Santhanam Nagarajan

The great Emperor Akbar heard about the talents of famous musician Tansen (1492-1589 A.D) and invited him to his court. Tansen was given a place of honour among the nine jewels like Birbal, Abdul Fazal,Todarmal and Rahim in Akbar’s court.

Tansen symbolized the best in Hindusthani Music. Tansen with his enchanting music made ‘ the trees swing and the rocks sway’! Once Akbar wanted Tansen to sing a special music known as ‘Deepak Rag’ which produced lightning effect.

Deepak in Sanskrit means ‘Light’. Tansen requested Akbar to erect a special platform near a lake for his performance. Akbar ordered immediately to erect the platform wondering why it should be constructed, near a lake! Tansen started singing the special music ‘Deepak Rag’. Suddenly his body temperature went up! He had to jump into the lake to save himself from being burned and suffering from electric shock. The lightning effect was caused by the vibrations of the music.

Such is the power of music!

Abul Fazal in his famous book Ain-i-akbari ,has said that an equal to Tansen was not born during the last millennium. And perhaps we may have to wait for another millennium to have another Tansen in our midst. In order to induce a trance state, music was the means in Bibilical times.Elisha says,”But now bring me a minstrel; and it came to pass when the minstrel played that the hand of the Lord came upon him”!

King Sal recovered from his depression with David’s playing on the harp. By reciting special divine verses composed by him, Saint Thyagaraja of Tamilnadu, India, had seen his Lord Rama physically – eye to eye! Egyptian women treated for infertility through the medium of music . The episode in Homer’s Odyssy gives an account of how a bleeding wound was stilled by vocal chants!

Pleasant tunes humming in the background set the stage for more productive therapy sessions, according to a review of 200 studies conducted by Pennsylvaniya University.

A noted American Psychologist, Emment Dent, Superintendent of the Manhattan State Hospital , achieved numerous striking cases of musical help in dealing with mental cases over a period of years. The Indian Classical Music has hundreds of special tunes called as ‘ragas’. The tune ‘Anandabairavi’ will reduce the high blood pressure! The tune ‘Boopalam’ usually being sung in the early hours of the day makes one peaceful and brisk! The tune ‘Bairavi’will give enormous energy! The tune ‘Neelambari’ will give instant sleep! Rag ‘Amrutha varshini will bring rains! Saint Muthuswamy Dhikshithar of Tamilnadu, India invoked the blessings of Rain God, Varuna, to quench the thirst of the parched countryside by rendering Rag Amruthavarshini! The Power of Music is universal!

It is beyond religion, race, language, caste,creed, gender,age and status. There is no other science than music to mould, strengthen and add harmony to the character of the entire mankind. One has to hear good music to elevate the soul.Because Music is Divine! Because Music is Power, packed in sound waves!

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