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Power of Mantras

By Santhanam Nagarajan

Do you want wealth, Health, Good Progeny, Property, Living Place? Do you want Good knowledge, Victory over enemy or over all Success? All things are possible through Mantras.

If properly selected, and initiated by a Guru and recited as prescribed with correct intonation all the above and much more could be achieved. The Sanskrit word mantra means potent sounds or words.

Mantras are ‘heard’ or ‘seen’ by the great sages and hence unwritten. Vedic Mantras are innumerable and the correct mantra is to be used as per the correct intonation to achieve a desired result.

One interesting incident is described in Hindu Scriptures. Where the object of a sacrifice was ‘to generate such a person as is capable of killing Indra (God of devas or Angels), and for that purpose, the invocation should be ‘svahendrasatrurvadhasva’ the chanting of this invocation with a wrong intonation on the first syllable ‘Indra’ produced the contrary result, for a person was generated, but he was killed by Indra. The compound Indra-satru means either ‘destroyer of Indra’ or ‘one that can be destroyed by Indra’ according to the intonation used on the syllables.

That is why it is recommended that the mantras are to be initiated properly by a genuine Guru. Every Mantra has six aspects: a rishi or Seer, a raga or melody, the Devatha or the presiding Deity, a Bija or seed sound, the Sakthi or power and a kilaka or pillar.

The Mantras were transmitted from generation to generation from Guru to disciple. The successful use of mantras was and is simply a common part of Indian mentality.

In the great work Rajatarangini, it is indicated that in twelfth century Kashmir, the crops in the fields were protected by ‘Mantrikas’ or guards who exercised their function by means of mantras. Mantras are many-sided instruments. They may be understood in many ways. There are more than fifty thousand mantras or so to say mantras are countless.

OM is a powerful, simple mantra which could be recited by anybody. Mantra Sastra or Mantra Scripture says that OM could be chanted in 170 different ways.. Madam Blavatsky has quoted some ancient Indian text that it can be chanted in 250 different intonations and that the siddhis or results attained by each method is different and good.

It is also said that the belief one has in the mantra chosen by him or initiated by Guru also has a bearing on the result.

Sri Suktham for acquiring wealth and all round prosperity, Medha Suktham for gaining knowledge are being recited in Indian homes. All round success is sure with mantras, if one could select a proper Guru!

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