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Instructive, inspiring DVDs

Swathi Soft Solutions, Chennai-based company known for its instructional DVDs/AVDs and VCDs on Bharatanatyam, is ready with a wide range of products for this Season. Significant additions are being made to enrich the Swathi Bharatanatyam repertoire.

This season, Swathi is treading a new territory namely Kuchupidi. Responding to requests from rasikas, Swathi has added to its portfolio some products related to that important stream of Indian classical dance.

It has also made forays into classical music with a few products — some are instructional in content and the rest, concerts of classical value by veteran musicians.

Here is a sneak preview of Swathi's new products:


Ashtanayika deals with the depth and diversity of the Nayika Bhava which explores the emotional levels of eight types of heroines.

The highlight of the product is a classroom session involving Kalanidhi Narayanan, eminent Abhinaya exponent and her student. Ashtanayika comes as an 8-DVD/VCD collection. In a freewheeling discussion, the Guru explains all aspects of Nayikabhava aided by a shringara padam.

Sabdam unfolds the intricacies of a feature increasingly becoming rare in Today's Bharatanatyam repertoire. Available in DVD&VCD, it has Priyadarsini Govind, well-known dancer treating the viewers to the theoretical aspects of Sabdam with sprightly demonstrations by up-and-coming artistes.

A select assortment of Sabdams composed by the Thanjavur Quartet, Maharaja Swati Tirunal and others has been used.

The demonstrations of Jathiswaram span compositions by the haloed Thanjavure quartet and Guru Dhandayuthapani Pillai. Tribute to M.S.

Swathi offers its salutations to M.S Subbulakshmi, by presenting some of the soulful melodies sung by her in Meera, the celluloid classic of 1945. Shobana Bhalchandra, well-known dancer gives the visual form. A fitting tribute to the legend, it is slated for release on Decemebr 11, on her second death anniversary.

Tyagaraja Ramayanam

The solo dance drama recital of Ananda Shankar Jayanth provides a refreshing perspective of the epic as seen by the poet composer. Through `Gurukulam,' Mysore Nagamani Srinath, veteran musician takes the viewers on an exotic journey through the finer aspects of Carnatic music. Theory and notations have been given in English. The aural delight of the veena of the late maestro S. Balachander comes alive in Dhyaname, the twin audio CD pack.

Soundarya Manjari is a cluster of Pathra Pravesha darus (the entry items). In a sparkling solo performance, Uma Muralikrishna demonstrates the feature.

Mathurya Murali is an exposition of Tarangams.

Here Uma Muralikrishna presents Tarangam, an important component wherein the dancer performs some nimble, but complicated rhythmic patterns on the edge of a brass plate.

`Maragatha Mani Chela,' an Oothukadu composition in Arabi extols the charm of Krishna, the lure and lustre of his garment.

The Hindu News : December 12, 2006, 1:42 pm