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About Karana Viniyoga Malika by Ms. Janaki, Executive Editor Sruti Magazine

About Bharatanatyam Karana Viniyoga Malika

About Karana Viniyoga Malika by Ms. Janaki, Executive Editor Sruti Magazine

Kudos to Smt. Sundari Santhanam and to Shatavadhani Dr. R. Ganesh for their painstaking work on Karana Viniyogas. This will serve as an important work in bridging theory and practise for students of dance as well as for the serious rasika.  Lakshana and Lakshya go hand in hand and provide sustenance to each other. The Karana Viniyoga Malika is an important link in this direction. The handy booklet which comes with the DVD is a wonderful ready reference.

 The two-hour long Karana Viniyoga Malika has a crisp introduction by Dr.Ganesh. This is followed by a fine presentation of the Sthanakas, Charis and Nritta Hastas that constitute a karana. Then comes the main segment in which each karana is followed by its Viniyoga.

 A few karanas are clubbed together to suit a theme. For example the Karanas 103 to 105 (Udghatitam, Vrishabha kreeditam & Lolitam) have lent themselves well to the folk movements and the viniyoga is an interesting depiction of people celebrating the bull fight or manjuvirattu. Two or three Karana Viniyogas are humorous, involving the vidooshaka. The karana viniyogas 27 to 30 about Rati and Manmatha are as beautiful and graceful as the Couple of Love. Many karanas have been suitably integrated into story narratives. All this calls for a lot of research, intelligence, imagination and creativity.

 Sundari has performed most of the Viniyogas. Some Viniyogas are presented in interesting  group choreography. Some karanas meld beautifully into the entire viniyoga  as in Aavartam, while in many the karanas are intelligently incorporated into the narrative or situation, or to assist characterization.

 At this point we must offer our felicitations to Dr. Ganesh for his wonderful contribution in penning the lyrics. Although we have not seen him in person in Chennai, we do know him through his works. He is the Resource person for almost every dancer from Bangalore who performs in Chennai. It would be a good idea to invite him to Chennai to show us a glimpse of his Shatavadhanam.

Congratulations  to Swathi Soft Solutions who have produced this interactive DVD. They are doing commendable service in the field of documentation and propagation of the arts thru their Sanskriti  Series, by Connecting Traditional Arts to Technology. : March 21, 2008, 10:38 am