Kanda Ganamutham - S. Rajam - 72 Melakarta compositions of Koteeswara Iyer - Carnatic Music Vocal Audio - Carnatic Music, Bharatanatyam, Vedic Chant, Yoga and Tamil Play Videos
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Kanda Ganamutham - 3mp3

Kanda Ganamutham - 3mp3

Product Name: Kanda Ganamutham - 3mp3
Product Model: SMP473
Artists: S. Rajam
Manufacturer: Swathi's Sanskriti Series
Price: Rs.600.00


Kanda Ganamutham
72 Melakarta compositions of Koteeswara Iyer - 3MP3
S. Rajam

Koteeswara Iyer was the inheritor of a rich musical heritage. He was the grandson of Kavi Kunjara Bharati, a contemporary of the Trinity and the author of many popular musical and devotional lyrics. Koteeswara Iyer composed mainly in Tamil and used the mudra Kavi Kunjara Dasan as a tribute to his grandfather. Koteeswara Iyer was the first one to compose separate songs in Tamil in all the 72 Melakarta incorporating the raga mudra in each one of them, which blended smoothly with the lyrics. His contribution to the illustration of vivadhi ragas is invaluable. All the songs are dedicated to his kuladeivam (family deity), Muruga and hence titled Kanda Ganamudam. The songs are highly poetic and are adorned with swarakshara sandhi-s, beautiful sangatis, replete with raga bhava and depth. Vivadi ragas are difficult to handle. But Koteeswara Iyer, not only composed his Melaraga kritis but also demonstrated and popularized them. Many ragas have acquired a distinct structure through these compositions.

In the field of music, S. Rajam is an unparalleled authority on Vivadi ragas and has done much to popularize Koteeswara Iyer's kritis. He has the distinction of being the only musician to have sung all the 72 compositions of Kanda Ganamutham, most of the kritis being accompanied by Raga, Niraval and Kalpana swaras. This product is a ready encyclopedia for students of music to get an in depth knowledge of the melodic structure of Melakartha Ragas. S.Rajam is a multifaceted genius with creative talents in a variety of fields such as music, musicology, classical painting and acting. It is a rare combination of talents that has made S.Rajam the phenomenon that he is today. He has immensely contributed to enrich our cultural heritage for over six decades.

Vol 1 - 3hrs 20mins
Kanakangi 1, Rasikapriya 72, Senavathi 7,Chitrambari 66, Gayakapriya 13, Neethimathi 60, Jankaradhwani 19, Viswambari 54, Mararanjani 25, Divyamani 48, Yagapriya 31, Raghupriya 42, Ratnangi 2, Kosalam 71, Hanumathodi 8, Mechakalyani 65, Vakulabharanam 14, Dharmavathi 59, Natabhairavi 20, Gamanasramam 53, Charukesi 26, Suvarnangi 47, Ragavardhini 32, Pavani 41

Vol 2 - 3hrs 20mins
Ganamurthi 3, Nasikabhushani 70, Denuka 9, Vachaspathi 64, Mayamalavagowla 15, Hemavathi 58, Kiravani 21, Ramapriya 52, Sarasangi 27, Shadvidamargini 46, Gangeyabhushani 33, Navaneetham 40, Vanaspathi 4, Dhatuvardhini 69, Natakapriya 10, Lathangi 63, Chakravagam 16, Simmhendramadhyamam 57, Karaharapriya 22, Kamavardhini 51, Harikambhoji 28, Shubhapanthuvarali 45, Vagadeeswari 34, Jalavarali 39, Manavathi 5, Jyothiswaroopini 68

Vol 3 - 2hrs 53mins
Kokilapriya 11, Rishabhapriya 62, Suryakantham 17, Shanmukhapriya 56, Gowrimanohari 23, Namanarayani 15, Dheerashankarabharanam 29, Bhavapriya 44, Sulini 35, Jalarnavam 38, Tanarupi 6, Sucharithra 67, Rupavathi 12, Kanthamani 61, Hatakambari 18, Syamalangi 55, Varunapriya 24, Davalambari 49, Naganandini 30, Gavambodhi 43, Chalanata 36, Salagam 37
Violin: Thirupparkadal Veeraraghavan
Mridangam: Kamalakar Rao

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