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Mantramala - Samatva - Mp3 Download

Mantramala - Samatva - Mp3 Download

Product Name: Mantramala - Samatva - Mp3 Download
Product Model: SA310
Artists: TKV Desikachar, Mekhala Desikachar
Manufacturer: Swathi's Sanskriti Series
Price: Rs.150.00
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At the heart of all Indian wisdom, lies the timeless legacy of the Vedas. A collection of sacred hymns that are believed to have been heard by ancient sages when they were in a profound state of meditation, the Vedas contain mantras or chants on a wide range of subjects. Significant among these, are the numerous chants on health and well-being. In the Indian tradition, the idea of good health extends far beyond mere physical fitness, encompassing the mind and spirit as well. Presented in this CD are a selection of Vedic chants that envisage health and harmony for the entire human system. While attempting to preserve the ancient Vedic heritage with strict attention to Vedic chant pedagogy, this CD also aims at carrying forth the profound resonance of these sacred hymns.

Just listening to these chants can heal, for as TKV Desikachar (son and student of legendary yogi, T Krishnamacharya) says, "Chanting can open our hearts."

Track listing:

  • arogya mantrah
    This health chant is an excerpt from the Mahanarayana Upanisat. This chant is used to spiritually cleanse every part of the human system, which is made up of body, breath, mind, personality and emotions.

  • yosau tapannuteti
    This is a powerful healing chant from the Yajur Veda Aranyaka. Listening to this chant is believed to aid expecting mothers in having a safe and healthy delivery. The chant also emphasizes the vital role played by prana or life force energy.

  • svuarnam gharnam
    Taken from the Yajur Veda Aranyakam, this chant salutes the supreme force that resides in golden brilliance within the depths of our heart.

  • rcam praci
    This is a very popular chant taken from the concluding portion of the Katakam. This chant seeks the protection of the supreme being so that we may live a perfect life which is beyond all sin.

  • candra namaskrtya mantrah
    This chant addressed to the moon,is from the Taittiriya Samhita.It is believed that the moon nourishes all healing plants, enhancing their potency and power to cure many aliments.Hence,in this chant, the moon is hailed as the king of all medicinal herbs. It is chanted in the traditional krama, jata and ghana - formats

  • sraddha suktam
    The strong and unshakeable conviction that makes us persevere in our endeavors despite the strongest of obstacles is known as sraddha. This chant, taken from the Taittiriya Brahmana, glorifies sraddha as the only foundation we need to achieve our goals.

  • roga nivarana suktam
    Taken from the Atharva Veda, this chant seeks good health and freedom from all ailments that may affect us.

  • hiranyagarbha suktam
    This suktam from the Rg Veda Samhita propitiates the supreme being from whom emerged all forms of life.

  • bhagya suktam
    This chant from Taittiriya Brahmana seeks prosperity and wealth, both material and spiritual.

  • dasa santayah
    Certain sections of the Veda-s commence with an introduction known as the santi patha. The term, 'santi' implies the absence of any provocation, and hence, implies peace and attention. This is required both of the teacher as well as the student. The teacher must be attentive to the needs of the student and also acknowledge his/her own teaching lineage. The student must also be respectful and committed. This is a collection of ten santi patha that promote peace and attention, taken from different sections of the Veda-s.

TKV Desikachar

TKV Desikachar is the son and long-time student of the legendary yogi, T Krishnamacharya.T Krishnamacharya not only brought to light the teachings of yoga in the early twentieth century, he also opened the doors of the Vedic tradition to all who were genuinely interested in preserving this ancient legacy. His son, TKV Desikachar founded the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram (KYM) in 1976. An expert in yoga and all branches of Indian philosophy, TKV Desikachar has published several books and presented a number of Vedic chant CDs with the aim of spreading the message and teachings of his teacher, T Krishnamacharya.

Mekhala Desikachar

Daughter and student of TKV Desikachar, and granddaughter of T Krishnamacharya, Mekhala Desikachar has been teaching yoga and Vedic chanting for over two decades both at the KYM and abroad. Although a qualified Engineer, her passions are yoga, Vedic chanting and singing. She is also proficient at playing the Veena. Mekhala has also recorded a number of audio Cds of Vedic chants and the Yoga Sutra.

Backed by genuine desire to preserve for posterity, Swathi's Sanskriti Series, uses the best of technology to release this product.

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