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The Power Of Gayatri, The Upanishads And Ancient Wisdom For Modern Management

The Power Of Gayatri, The Upanishads And Ancient Wisdom For Modern Management

Product Name: The Power Of Gayatri, The Upanishads And Ancient Wisdom For Modern Management
Product Model: Book
Manufacturer: Tattvaloka Publications
Price: Rs.1,015.00

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The Power of Gayatri

Preface :
It has been said that the whole world looks to India for spirtual guidance and solace.Its perennial philosophy,Santana Dharma,is of universal application and catholicity.This country cannot easily abdicate its god-given position as the world guru.

 Sincerely believing that the welfare of the world lies in the welfare of this land,our magazine Tattvloka,The Splendour of Truth,Was started by His Holiness Jagadguru Sankaracharya of Sringeri exactly 25 years ago to spread and disseminate the message of spirituality,goodwill and harmony.Our endeavour has not been in vain.

On this occasion of completion of 25 years of the magazine,Tattvaloka this book on The Power of Gayatri has been brought out,throwing open the hidden treasures of this great land to the common gaze of everyone,as this great mantra though of this land,belongs to the whole humanity,as a universal prayer of aspiration,evocation and enlightenment.

In dealing with the power of Sri Gayatri,this book,based on Tattvaloka issue of August 1990,explores the value and relevence of mantra in our spiritual,analyses the Vedic sanctions behind the upasana,and highlights the usefulness of its practice in our everyday life.In fact,all actions allforms of worship, and all mantras are rooted in Gayatri to such an extent that only on the strength of this mantra all other mantras bear fruit.

His Holiness Jagadguru Sri Chandrasekhara Bharati, the 34th pontiff of SringeriSharada Peetham,Quoted from Adi Sankara Bhagavatpada's Bhasyas which attribute the nirguna aspect to Gayatri and said the mantra contained in it the meaning of all four mahavakyas.

On another occasion,when devotee asked his holiness what he should actually invoke in Gayatri,His Holiness conceded the worship in all its forms the solar orb or Surya Devata,Hiranyagarbha or the cosmic soul, Isvara or the ultimate Brahaman.All these,he said,depend on the diffrent capabilities of the worshippers.The upasya is everone,but its exact nature varied with the competence of the worshipping aspirant.He held that the Gayatri mantra was great because in the simple worship of the sun,all possible stages in spiritual evolution had been provided for.

The Upanishads

Preface :
Not only have the Upanishads fascinated the Indian mind through ages, but also evoked the admiration of scholars and philosophers of the west. Forming the concluding portion of the Vedas-- the Vedanta-- the Upanishads embody the accumulated wisdom of centuries They are neither sectarian nor dogmatic. They are the result of free thinking and integration encourged among the seekers by the ancient rishies. Relevant and useful at all times, they preach the spiritual unity of mankind.

The highly profound and subtle truths of Vedantic teachings were lucidly brought out by Swami Paramarthananda in a series of talks he delivered in Chennai from October 2000 to December 2001, as part of his week-end classes on the subject. A disciple of Swami Dayananda Saraswati, he has been spreading the message of Vedanta for more than 25 years and is renowned as a systematic and committed teacher of the sampradaa (tradition)of Adi Sankaracharya.

This volume is a compilation of the edited extracts from the lectures, by Sri R.B.Athreya, a student of the Swamiji, and published as a series of articles in the Tattvaloka monthly issues from April 2002 to April 2005. The talks started with an introduction to the Vedanta, followed by a summary of each of the principal Upanishads.

Sri Athreya, after serving for over 25 years i nbanks in India and the Middle East, now devotes all his time to spiritual pursuits. He and his wife are ardent Srividya Upasakas, initiated by Brahmasri Anna Subramaniam, well-known publisher of many of Sri Ramakrishna Mutt publications.

This volume, it is hoped, will be a refresher course for students of Vedanta and those desiring to get initiated into Vedantic study.

Ancient Wisdom for Modern Management

Preface :
Application of values for improving corporate management has received much attention in recent times. At the route of all concepts of Management lies the all-pervasive mind in its transcendence. A study of the Sastras reveals that the ancient texts contain a great insight into the working of the human mind and how to go beyond its conflicting interests and functions.

The crucial difference between the Indian thought and western thinking is that our Philosophy does not divide reality into pairs of opposites. It transcends them. It is only at this level that the conflicts bedevilling management today can be overcome. Ancient wisdom consisting of Indian thought appears to be the ultimate dialectic to achieve managerial excellence.

In this book is presented an overview of how management can benefit from the application of the principles of philosophical perceptions.

The Anugraha Sandesa of His Holiness at the beginning sums up succinctly the values of management as recognized by our ancient texts.

In 'Management in the Light of Vedanta', Swami Dayananda approaches it as a two-fold issue--personal Management and Situation Management. Dr. M.B.Athreya in 'Ancient Wisdom for Human Resource Management' integrates the principles of varnasrama dharma with the modern concepts. 'Satraic Views for Management' by V.K.Sharma interprets the management qualities in terms of the well-known gunas-tamas,rajas, and sattva.

Government administration as depicted in Kautilya's Arthasastra, with minor modifications of time and place, is suitable for the modern days also. This has been highlighted in a revealing article by Uday.B.Koppikar.

Stress is an inevitable accompaniment of management and has to be overcome. A couple of articles included here through hints on ways to tackle this problem through Yoga and other Exercises.  

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