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Bharatanatyam Moha Sagaram

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Bharatanatyam Moha Sagaram
Padma Bhushan Kalanidhi Narayanan , Priyadarsini Govind
Code SD222
Swathi's Sanskriti Series


Ayyayo vegatayana
(Payyada pai) - Nadha nama kriya-Trupuda
Vadarake povey (Athi yuka yukamu)
- Kambhoji-Trupuda
Nan etikku pomanerey
Valappu dasa neraney
Yela vachitivey


Some powerful, pithy and passionate verses of Kshetrayya, the 17th century Telugu poet find articulation through a full-blown demonstration by ‘Padmabhushan’ Smt. Kalanidhi Narayanan, the legendary abhinaya exponent. With ease and elegance, ‘maami’- as she is affectionately called- unrolls layers and layers of the multiple dimensions of shrungara rasa in a unique language called ‘abhinaya’ using her eyes, head, neck and also the hands that fold and unfold in various styles and shapes. Her furrowed face explodes into a kaleidoscope of emotions as she depicts the desires and dilemmas of lovelorn heroines.

It is a scintillating synergy involving verses animated by music and articulated by an ageless dance form.

Backed by genuine desire to preserve for posterity, Swathi's Sanskriti Series, uses the best of technology to release this product.

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