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Nruthya Harikatha on Inspiring Women
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Nruthya Harikatha on Inspiring Women

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Nruthya Harikatha on Inspiring Women
Kalaimamani Smt. Urmila Sathyanarayanan , Smt. Visaka Hari
Code SD772
Swathi's Sanskriti Series


1.Yaa Devi
Ragam: sloka
Talam: Nattai
Composer: -
Ragam: Hamsadwani
Talam: Aadi
Composer: -
Ragam: Ragamalika
Talam: Sloka
Composer: -
Ragam: Kumudakriya
Talam: Rupakam
Composer: -
5.Deeno Darini
Ragam: Bhagesri
Talam: Tisra Ekam
Composer: -
6.Vellai Thamarai
Ragam: Bimplas
Talam: Adhi
Composer: -
7.Eppadio Manam
Ragam: Huseni
Talam: Misra Chapu
Composer: -
Ragam: Kamboji
Talam: aadhi
Composer: -
Ragam: Shanmukhapriya
Talam: Adhi
Composer: -
Ragam: Saveri
Talam: -
Composer: -
Ragam: Atana
Talam: adh
Composer: -
12.Ut Jothiyil
Ragam: Durbari kanada
Talam: -
Composer: -
Ragam: Hamsanandi
Talam: -
Composer: -
14.Kannan Thiruvarulal
Ragam: Ragamalika
Talam: Va Ve Su
Composer: -
Ragam: Mand
Talam: Adhi
Composer: -
Ragam: -
Talam: -
Composer: -

Format: DVD
Language: Tamil
Duration: 02:33:00


Nruthya Harikatha on Inspiring women is a collaboration of music and dance, emotion and aestheticism. Smt.Vishakha Hari and Smt.Urmila Sathyanarayanan have joined hands to bring out the stories of inspiring women. In this DVD they have showcased many eminent women like Sharada Devi, Gargi, Seetha, Ahalya Bai, Draupadi and many others through harikatha and dance. It is a pathbreaking venture to set right the broken path of today and shall be an eye opener to the youngsters and the old alike

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