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Vidhya Subramanian V
Code SD773
Swathi's Sanskriti Series


Ragam: Vijaya Vasantham
Talam: Adi
Composer: -
2.Sambu Natanam
Ragam: Karnataka Suddha Saveri
Talam: Khanda Chapu
Composer: -
Ragam: Karaharapriya
Talam: Adi
Composer: -
Ragam: Suddha Sarang
Talam: Misra Chapu
Composer: -
5.Mayya Mori
Ragam: Misra Mand
Talam: Adi
Composer: -
Ragam: Amritavarshini
Talam: Adi
Composer: -
Ragam: Hamirkalyani
Talam: Khanda Chapu
Composer: -

Format: DVD
Language: English
Duration: 01:22:00


An eternal devotee of Bharatanatyam, Vidhya Subramanian is known for her refined elegance and "the total internalization of emotive energy". Her choreography combines great discipline, knowledge of space and time, exquisite control and total immersion in her subject. Favored by "an entrancing stage presence", she recognizes the immensity of a stage, the worldview it offers her and the power of transformation that she could effect. Lauded thus, "Her dance was a powerful and sustained love-pact between the dancer and her material", Vidhya is able to delve deep and introspect to perform breathtaking representations of conceptual themes.

Trained by eminent Gurus S.K. Rajarathnam and abhinaya exponent Smt. Kalanidhi Narayanan, Vidhya's performances have stood out as a beacon to discerning audiences. The New York Times honors her with the words, "...her portrayal of the love between Radha and Krishna had the internal glow of felt emotion" while the Times of India commends, "The rich grace in 'adavus' and striking sense of the aesthetic made her recital memorable." As a teacher and artistic director, her intense involvement has been the reason for the evolution of many students and ensemble works. With a Masters degree in theater arts, she has been involved in theatre and film as another creative outlet to her immense talent. Vidhya has received awards such as Nadanamamani, Nattiya Arasi and Singar Mani. With thirty years of performance experience spanning India, USA, France, UK, Germany, Italy, Russia, Kenya and Afghanistan, in her charismatic artistry one witnesses a strong belief in the validity of choreographic structure combined with openness to new influences.

Produced by
Vidhya Subramanian
Choreography and Nattuvangam
Vidhya Subramanian
Sri Arun Gopinath
Sri Karthikeyan Ramanathan
Sri Devraj Ethiraj
Artistic Director
Jitinder Hirschfeld, Sathir Dance Art
Sincere thanks to Nrithya Pillai

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