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Essence of Meditation
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Essence of Meditation
Masako Ono , Pali Chandran , Rashmi Menon , Smitha Madhav
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Essence of Life is a multi-media prodcution; literally an effort across all media through the evocative medium of Indian classical dance.

Prominent artists from established dance traditions across the sub-continent, north India's Kathak, Bharatnatyam, Kuchipudi, Mohiniattam from the South and Odissi from the eastern parts, come together to bring to life contemporary Indian thought in an engaging manner.

Episodes from myths and epics have always been the staple of classical dance in temples and later in its performance spaces for centuries. This is the very first time that the ideas of a modern Indian thinker, Jiddu Krishnamurti are brought to life on stage for a contemporary and sophisticated global audience.

Classical dance has always been the preferred medium when it comes to articulating sublime concepts because subtleties are an integral part of its vocabulary.

Through the unique combination of high art and high - tech. Essence of Life brings you an experience that is enchanting, life affirming and invigorating all at the same time.

Singers: Varija Venugopal, Pandir Sanjeev Abhaankar, Sangeetha, Suraj Santhosh, Pandi Raghunadan Panishikar, Lalitha, Shareth, Saindhavi, Padmasri Hariharan

Lyricists: Sri. K. Prasanna and Dr. Thiagarajan Composers and music director: D.A. Srinivas and B.Sivarama Krishna Rao.

Composers and music director: D.A.Srinivas and B.Sivarama Krishna Rao

Dancers: Pali Chandran, Smitha Madhav, Masako Ono, Rashmi Menon and Prateeksh Kashi

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