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Haridasa Geeta Nrityam
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Haridasa Geeta Nrityam
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Haridasa Geeta Nrityam

Code SD 593
Swathi's Sanskriti Series

Haridasa Geeta Nrityam - DVD
by Dr. Padma Subrahmanyam

Credits :

Vocal - Swami Haridas Giri & Group
Compilation & Choreography - Dr. Padma Subrahmanyam

Haridasa Geeta Nrityam has been a dream project of mine for quite some years now. Nrithyodaya is happy to present this recording of a live programme which was staged at Narada Gana Sabha on January 1, 2008. This has been a challenging project where I wanted to visualise the golden voice that was divinely resonating from Swami Haridas Giri, who propagated the Namasankeerthana Sampradaya. I have culled out from his own recording, this 90 minutes programme. I am grateful to Sri R. Krishnaswami, a great devotee of Guruji for having given me about 8 hours of his recordings from which I could compile his music which ranges from strictly Carnatic to Hindustani and even folk. The languages in this DVD include Sanskrit, Tamil, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu and Marathi. Hence you have a kaleidoscopic vision of that great voice of Guruji. I devotionally offer this choreography and my performance along with my very dear disciples, the artistes of Nrithyodaya at the lotus feet of Guruji. I am thankful to Swathi Soft Solutions for making this dream project a reality. We humbly offer the royalty of this DVD to GA Trust, which is running the Panduranga Mandir at Thennangur. I am sure the devotees of the Lord and the disciples of Guruji will also enjoy this offering along with us - Dr. Padma Subrahmanyam

Technical Co-ordinator - B. Kannan
Sound & Light - A.V. Murali (Narada Gana Sabha)
Make up - Daniel
Costume Assistants - Uma Sriram & Rajshree Vasudevan

Dr. Padma Subrahmanyam Mahati Kannan Srinidhi
Vineeth Neeraja Ramya.V
Dr. Jayashree Rajagopalan Radhika Keerthana
Dr. Gayatri Kannan Ashiwini Shivani
Sujatha Mohan Francoise Ramya.R
Vaishnavi Anand Amandine Sisira
Sangeetha Ravikumar Arulchelvi Malvika
Rekha Nagarajan K. Shyamakrishnan
Shalini Akshada -
Karthika Anugraha -

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