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Prag Dakshina ( East & South )
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Prag Dakshina ( East & South )
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Prag Dakshina ( East & South )
Vyshnavie Sainath V
Code SD592
Swathi's Sanskriti Series


1.Bharatanatyam - Madurai Meenakshi
Ragam: -
Talam: -
2.Odissi - Pallavi
Ragam: Kalavathi
Talam: Ek Thali
3.Odissi - Abhinaya
Ragam: kamaj
Talam: Ek Thali
4.Odissi - Moksha
Ragam: Sankarabharanam
Talam: Jhhula thal(6 matras) and Bairabi

Format: DVD
Language: Tamil
Duration: 01:08:29


Gifted with a natural flair for dance, Vyshnavie, daughter and disciple of the renowned Bharathanatyam artiste Rajeswari Sainath, is blossoming into one of the finest exponents of dance in the younger generation. Her performances are an amalgam of traditional rigour and elegance. Her quest for the others modes of artistic expression led her to explore the Odissi style of dance from the renowned guru Shri Durga Charan Ranbir of Bhubaneswar. Combining the two strong classical styles, she has been presenting “Prag Dakshina”, a confluence of bharathanatyam and odissi styles of dance.

The bharathanatyam segment consists of the varnam which describes the story of the temple town of Madurai, its presiding diety exquisite Meenakshi who is unmatched in beauty and valour which is then followed by the epic marriage of meenakshi and sundareswara(lord shiva himself). The jathis and rhythm patterns are conceived by percussion legend Guru Kaaraikkudi Mani.

The odissi segment is a traditional marga which begins with a bhoomipranam followed by the kalavathi pallavi, oriya abhinaya in praise of lord krishna and the moksha.

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