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Divine Dance - Deepa Pradhakshinam (LIVE-1992)
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Divine Dance - Deepa Pradhakshinam (LIVE-1992)
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Divine Dance - Deepa Pradhakshinam (LIVE-1992)
Guruji Sri Haridhos Giri G
Code AMDV022

Divine Dance - Deepa Pradhakshinam - Swami Haridhos Giri (LIVE - 1992)

Bhagavan Sri. Krishna emphatically told Naradha that He always resides in the hearts of devotees chanting Namasankeertanam. It may be noted that Namasankeerthanam is the only sadana available in Kaliyuga to reach Godhood. In Dakshina Bharatha Sampradaya Bhajan there is an important form called Divyanamam - 'Deepa Pradakshinam'. It is a long established practice by Bhagavathas to lit up all the five points (Jyothi) of a lamp (representing the five parts of human body) and go around it by dancing & singing, the praise of the Lord with Gopiar Bhava and finally all the five points mingled into One representing the union of Jeevathma with Paramathma - Lord Krishna. Guruji - Swami Haridhos Giri has demonstrated with his divine steps during this live performance with Bhagavathas, Bhakthas & Children as to how one can realize the ego sense being dissolved into the Divine oneness by chanting the sweet name of the Lord by going around the lamp resenting Lord Krishna with Gopiar Bhava.

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