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Sankeerthana Samarpanam (Centenary of Swamigal)
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Sankeerthana Samarpanam (Centenary of Swamigal)
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Sankeerthana Samarpanam (Centenary of Swamigal)
Guruji Sri Haridhos Giri G
Code AMDV007


Sankeerthana Samarpanam (Centenary of Swamigal)

Description :
The Sankeethana Samarpanana, a sampradhaya bhajan has been dedicated to the great saint of 20th century Sri Maha Swamigal of Kanchi Kamakodi Peetam on His centenary celebration at the Mutt itself. This event was a rare and unique one. The Nama Sankeerthanam was performed by Swami Haridhoss Giri Swamigal in the presence of Sri Jayendra Swamigal and Sri Vijayendra Swamigal. Bhagavan Sri Krishna emphatically told Naradha that He always resides in the hearts of devotees chanting Namasankeerthan. It may be noted that Namasankeerthan is the only sadaba available in kaliyuga to reach Godhood other means like yagna and meditations are more complex and need material things like money and manpower. Namasankeethan does not require anything else except pure devotion towards Him. Hence it has been recognised as the easiest and surest path to reach God hood for any aspirant irrespective of caste or creed. All our religious scripts and hymns direct every one of us towards this goal only.

Tracks :

1.Sankeerthana Samarpanam

Lyrics : Swami Sri Haridhos Giri

Music : Swami Sri Haridhos Giri

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