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Azhwargal Vaibhavam - Paid Web Streaming
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Azhwargal Vaibhavam - Paid Web Streaming
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Azhwargal Vaibhavam - Paid Web Streaming
Smt. Visaka Hari S
Code SWC115

Azhwars are the foremost devotees of Lord Vishnu. They begot the name Azhwars as they were immersed in true devotion towards the Lord.The 12 azhwars are the true guide to unflinching devotion. Boothathazhwar, Poigaiazhwar and Peyazhwar are called the Mudazhwars. Thirumazhisai azhwar, Tirumangai, Periyazhwar, Kulasekara, Nammazhwar, Madurakavi, Tondaradipodi, Tirupanazhwar are the rest. Andal is the only female amongst the 12 azhwars. Each of these azhwars belonged to a different caste thus proving to the world that caste is no barrier to devotion. Their hymns- the Nalayira Divyaprabhandam (4000 in number) are soaked in pure love and bliss. Their stories along with a few of their hymns with apt songs are presented in the webcast by Smt. Vishakha Hari. May we enjoy this eternal experience. Smt. Vishakha Hari is a practioner of the ancient beautiful form of art called Harikatha or Katha keerthan. Herein she weaves beautiful stories of value and wisdom interspersed with mellifluous songs of yesteryear great composers. Her themes are varied and are generally from our great epicsand puranas like the Ramayan and Srimad Bhagavath. She presents Harikathas in Tamil and English (the narrative is in Tamil or English) and the songs are from various languages including Telugu, Kannada, Marathi, Hindi and Sanskrit. Her Gurus are Shri Lalgudi G.Jayaraman, the great violin maestro for music, Shri Krishnapremi Swamigal and Shri R. Hariji (her husband) for katha (story component). She is ably supported by violin vidwan Shri Ananthakrishnan, Shri Arjun Ganesh on the mrudangam, Shri Trichy Murali on the ghatam. Kruthi Bhat and Keerthana Bhat who are also students of the Lalgudi school provide beautiful vocal harmony enriching and enlivening the harikatha.

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