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Srimath Valmiki Ramayanam
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Srimath Valmiki Ramayanam
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Srimath Valmiki Ramayanam
Srivatsa S.Jayarama Sharma S
Code SMP804
Swathi's Sanskriti Series


This unique recording of 10 days-live upanyasam of Shri Sharmaji in early 1980s is a valuable retrieval from archives. Sharmaji who was looked upon as ABINAYA BHATTATHRI for his proficiency in NARAYANEEYAM and SRIMATH BHAGAVANTHAM discourses shows his mastery over VALMIKI RAMAYANAM too in this upanyasam series.
Srivatsa Jayarama Sharma, who learnt the nuances of Vedas and Sanadhana Dharma under his illustrious father Srivatsa Soma Deva Sharma, himself a veteran in 18 Puranas, is also a Post Graduate in History from Annamalai University. With more than 5 decades of service to the society as an Upanyasaka in Narayaneeyam, Ramayanam, Bhagavatham and Mahabharatham to his credit, Srivatsa Jayarama Sharma, today is the torch bearer of Hindu Philosophy relevant to the youth of India. His portrayel is dramatic yet authentic, down to earth yet imaginative, hilarious yet poignant, innovative thus ingenious.

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