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Chants for success & prosperity
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Chants for success & prosperity
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Chants for success & prosperity
TKV Desikachar T
Code SM692
Swathi Soft Solutions

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A strong positive affirmation praying for the successful completion of any activity that we commence invariably forms a vital part in the performance of the activity. That a positive intent and clarity of thought and purpose translate to fruitful results is beyond doubt.

Swathi Soft Solutions, in collaboration with Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram bring to you in this App, a selection of mantra-s and sloka-s from the Veda-s and other texts that focus specifically on ensuring the success of our numerous personal and professional undertakings, be it the commencement of a new business initiative, sustenance of growth, or in the forging of meaningful interpersonal relationships.

Sanskrit is a unique language in that the very sounds tinhat are uttered possess great vibration and potency. Recitation and/or even listening to these chants with faith and sincerity is sure to bring to us everything that we seek be it material comforts, prosperity, knowledge, strength, success or spiritual evolution.

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