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Swathi Soft Solutions

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Learn 9 unique songs for the 9 days of Navratri! The songs are as varied as the colours of Navratri, and are in Hindi, Sanskrit, Tamil, Kannada and Marathi. The lyrics of the song and a story based on the theme of the song are included. The songs are sung by expert musicians with Rhapsody- Education through Music and recorded in classrooms with children.

Jai Devi Mahishasuramardini, Dhimi Dhimi, Nan oru vilayata and many more!

Songs are compiled and recorded by Rhapsody- Education through Music. Rhapsody works with schools and NGOs to take music in a structured manner to children. Founded by classical pianist Anil Srinivasan, it reaches over 60,000 children across 7 cities.www.rhapsodymusic.in facebook.com/rhapsodymusiceducation

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