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Cho's Madras By Night
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Cho's Madras By Night
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Cho's Madras By Night
Cho Ramaswamy C
Code SV122
Swathi's Family Entertainer

Format: VCD
Language: Tamil
Duration: 01:43:00


Madras by Night, one of the earliest stage plays of Cho is now available on DVDs and VCDs It describes some ludicrous situations that happen in one night in Madras (as the metro was then called) involving different characters that culminate in a murder. The mystery is unraveled in the climax.

True to his mettle and manners, Cho essays the role of a police constable with elan. His fluent dialogue delivery in typical Madras lingo evokes non-stop laughter.

The highpoint of this comedy is a street-play (therukkoothu) on an episode from the Ramayana wherein Cho plays Kaikeyi. In his gait, coyness and costume he looks a woman from top to toe. He is ably supported by Ambi, Neelu, Sukumari and other artistes of his troupe.

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