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Crazy's Maadhu +2
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Crazy's Maadhu +2
Cheenu Mohan , Crazy Mohan , Maadhu Balaji
Code SA036
Swathi's Family Entertainer


1.Crazy Mohan's Maadhu +2
Ragam: -
Talam: -
Composer: Traditional
2.Crazy Mohan's Maadhu +2
Ragam: -
Talam: -
Composer: Traditional

Format: ACD
Language: Tamil
Duration: 12:56:06


Maadhu goes on a helping spree extending assistance to people around. He takes pity on a girl with hearing impairment and tries to marry her off to his friend, Cheenu. This creates a lot of confusion and misunderstanding before things are sorted out to everybodys relief and our amusement.

Written by Crazy Mohan, the well-known writer of the Tamil stage and screen, it holds immense appeal even in these days of never-ending TV soaps. Unmatched in the comic relief it provides, this play is a clean entertainer that can be enjoyed by the entire family sans any embarrassment.

About the writer...

An engineer by qualification, an artist by interest and a humorist by birth, Crazy Mohans creative portfolio contains more than 20 hilarious stage plays, 25 super hit films and over 150 short stories in popular magazines. His sparkling wit and spontaneity run all through the play.

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