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ENGE BRAHMANAN - S2 (Ep 54 - 103)
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ENGE BRAHMANAN - S2 (Ep 54 - 103)
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ENGE BRAHMANAN - S2 (Ep 54 - 103)
Cho Ramaswamy C
Code SWC112

ENGE BRAHMANAN - S2 (Ep 54 - 103)
Enge Brahmanan is a very informative set of episodes that provides insights on various Brahmin cultures and obligations. The story revolves around a Brahmin's life and the aspects of varnashramam, where the society is divided into different classes.
Srinivasa Iyer Ramaswamy, better known as Cho Ramaswamy, was an Indian actor, comedian, character actor, editor, political satirist, playwright, dialogue writer, film director and lawyer in Tamil Nadu

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