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Padma Shri K.Balachander P
Code SC037
Swathi's Sanskriti Series

Format: DVD
Language: Tamil
Duration: 01:45:00

Rail Sneham
Format: DVD
Language: Tamil
Duration: 02:58:00

Oru Koodai Paasam
Format: DVD
Language: Tamil
Duration: 01:57:00

Kai Alavu Manasu
Format: DVD
Language: Tamil
Duration: 17:29:00

Format: DVD
Language: Tamil
Duration: 12:34:00


K.BALACHANDER Play's by K.Balachander

K. Balachander's Pournami (stage Play ) by K.Balachander

K. Balachander is back to his roots - the Tamizh Stage which he ruled like a monarch for four decades

I had almost forgotten the high and the euphoria of sitting amidst a live audience and experiencing the applause and the appreciation as a part of my real surroundings instead of through hearsay or newspaper reports. I have dropped 30 years off my age and have found the courage and the conviction to start my creative journey all over again. Believe me friends, its great to be back home! - K.Balachander

When "Pournami" was staged on the 18th of April 2009, the standing ovation that the play received at the end of an absorbing 2 hours, only proved that Mr. K. Balachander had kept his word to bring back integrity, excitement and awareness back to the Tamizh stage.

Renuka | Fathima Babu | Poovilangu Mohan | Kavya | T.M.Karthik
Jannal Lakshmi | Premsai | Ravikanth | Ananthan | K.R.Nagaraj | Kalyanjee

Concept Direction : K.Balachander
Dialogue : Sreevathson
Floor Director : S.B.Khanthan
Editing : V.KrishnaKumar D.F.T
Background Score : Giridharan Amuthan
Song Composer : Rajesh Vaidhya

K. Balachander's Rail Sneham - Tamil Serial by K.Balachander

Swathi's Family Entertainer presents here the show that launched it all: "Rail Sneham" created by the inimitable maestro K. Balachander.

The era of Min Bimbangal in Tamil Television (1989 - 2005) was a golden era of riveting, taut, intelligent, engaging and meaningful serials, all lush with life.

The oeuvre of Min Bimbangal encompassed a broad range of genres, including sitcoms, soaps, home-grown thrillers and chat shows; each show being trend setters par excellence. See more..

At a time when TV serials were merely treated as stage plays shot with 3 cameras, here is the "Eyakkunar Sigaram", fusing a visual approach with life-like characters, sharp witty dialogues and powerful sensitive performances, leaving the Tamil Television audiences stunned and gasping for more.

For all those who experienced the "Rail Sneham" magic during the period of its original telecast, this DVD is a treasure trove of nostalgia. For art enthusiasts and discerning audiences of all generations, this is a bench mark in silky and lovable entertainment.

Cast: Nizhalgal Ravi, Indra, Amudha, Kavithalaya Krishnan others
Music Songs : V.S. Narasimhan
Direction: K. Balachander

K. Balachander's Oru Koodai Paasam by K.Balachander

Oru Koodai Paasam is the second drama staged by KB after his grand re entry in to Tamizh Theatre. Oru Koodai Paasam is KB's veritable bouquet of realistic vibrations inside a common family. An interesting gift to his fans.

Do not be surprised if you could relate yourself or any of your kith and kin to the characters in this play. You can feel the typical cluster of human emotions often witnessed in our neighboring apartments.

This DVD contains a special treat too. Yes, indeed. K.Balachander who is the master creator of most of the top caliber Actors today, reveals his own exciting acting prowess in this DVD.

Written and Directed by: K.Balachander
Floor Director : S.B.Khanthan
Non Linear Editing : V.KrishnaKumar D.F.T
Chief Cameraman : Jayakumar
Music :Giridharan Karthick Iyer
Singer : Sandhya

K. Balachander's Kai Alavu Manasu by K.Balachander

Telecast first in 1995, 'Kai Alavu Manasu' was a super hit serial written and directed by Iyakkunar Sigaram K. Balachander. The story revolves around Sharada (Geetha), a simple minded widow, who is diagnosed with a terminal heart ailment. She fears that her three lovely children will be orphaned and gives them away in adoption.

Separation from the kids is very painful, but she endures it and awaits death. As fate would have it, she undergoes surgery with the help of a philanthropist Gururengan (Prakash Raj) and survives. Her grief is double fold now. She wants to get her children back, but Gururengan advises her not to mess up the lives of the children, as they might have settled down with their new parents. He offers her a job and makes her stay with him. See more..

Fifteen years later, by now a transformed modern career woman working with Gururengan, silently holding her love for him within herself, the suppressed guilt of giving away her children surfaces. She is impelled by a strong desire to see them and begins the search for them.

After this long gap, will she be able to find them? And even if she finds them, will the children forgive her for her neglect, all these years? Will the foster parents encourage the reunion with the natural mother? Who will fill up the vacuum in her life?
A truly poignant classic of all times!

Jannal by K.Balachander

The era of Min Bimbangal in Tamil Television (1990 - 2005) was a golden era of riveting, taut, intelligent, engaging and meaningful serials, all lush with life. For the first time on DVD, Swathi Family Entertainer presents here, a masterpiece from the period, K. Balachander's "Jannal" which engrossed and engaged satellite television households for more than two years on SUN TV during the period 1998-1999.

Through the looking glass; "Jannal" is a dispassionate investigation into the myriad intricacies of interpersonal relationships with subtle twists and nuances in the inimitable and consummate style of the Dada Saheb Award winner. The first in the series

"Sila Nijangal Sila Nyangal" examines the feelings of an adolescent as he goes through the trauma of the separation of his parents; his anguish as he is wedged in between conflicts which are not his own and being torn apart by the need for love and acceptance. The serial brutally unmasks the hypocrisy of relationships in a predominantly urban melee and deftly portrays the growing up of the boy and his realization that life is not distinct blacks and whites, but also grays.

Direction : Sunder K. Vijayan
Starring : Nizhalgal Ravi, Sudha, Renuka, Babu Mohan & others

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