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Moulee's - All in One - Webcast
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Moulee's - All in One - Webcast
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Moulee's - All in One - Webcast
Kalaimamani Sri T.S.B.K.Moulee K
Code SWC121

Moulee's - All in One - Webcast Mouli's Classics 1. Mouli's Classic_Sundaram & Sons 2. Mouli's Classic-Bumper Parisu 3. Mouli's Classic_Amavasai I.A.S This contains Three popular telefilms written, enacted and directed by Mouli, the versatile stage and film personality. With an all-pervading hilarity, each story probes the depths and dimensions of human mind with such intensity that the viewer finds it easy to relate to the characters and their predicaments. Mouli's Oru varam tha From the creator of many Humorous Epics like FLIGHT 172 and PAMMAL K SAMBANDAM - The Ace Writer, Actor and Director MOULI, this yet another rip roaring unfurling. Subtle yet mind boggling and very natural yet adorably intelligent are the hall mark of MOULI BRAND of humour. ORU VA(A)RAM THAA, where the fun starts right from the dual titling is one more proof of the fact that Humour could be Hearty yet Brainy. Mouli's Flight - 172 Step in to any Tamilian Home which posses a decent sense of humour in any part of the Globe, USA or Europe, or Gulf or Far East or Down Under, or last but not the least in any part of India, they will all have a common complaint. The children at home, even if not very familiar with other Indian Literature or Drama have gleefully enjoyed the uncanny comedy in Flight No. 172 to the extent of replicating the scene inside the flight when Moulee the Nathaswara Vidwan tries to explain the concept of Nathaswaram and Carnatic Music to a foreigner in his own Desi-English, in their school competitions to win prizes. The complaint is why a legal version of this Great Comedy is not available in the market.

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