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Mouli's collection (Flight - 172 and Moulis Classics)
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Mouli's collection (Flight - 172 and Moulis Classics)
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Mouli's collection (Flight - 172 and Moulis Classics)
Kalaimamani Sri T.S.B.K.Moulee K
Code SC014
Swathi's Family Entertainer


Mouli's Classics [3 Telefilms and 3 Hours of non-stop laughter]

Bumper Parisu , Amavasai I.A.S and Sundaram & Sons

This DVD contains Three popular telefilms. With an all-pervading hilarity, each story probes the depths and dimensions of human mind with such intensity that the viewer finds it easy to relate to the characters and their predicaments.

Bumper Parisu - deals with a man who is driven more by his implicit faith in luck than effort.
Amavasai I.A.S. - describes how a rustic, unlettered laborer with his native wisdom opens the eyes of an arrogant, educated man from the city.
Sundaram & Sons - a critical analysis of a current trend in marriage that allows the boy & the girl to move about freely prior to their wedding.

Mouli's Flight - 172

Flight - 172 is the first full-length comedy play written by Moulee for Shri YGPs UAA in the year 1969.

It became an instant hit and above all a totally fresh trend-setter in comedy during a time when the Tamil stage and film Industry was already soaked in the high calibre humour of the likes of K Balachander, Cho, Nagesh and Chitralaya Gopu".

Enjoy the uncanny comedy in Flight No. 172 to the extent of replicating the scene inside the flight when Moulee the Nathaswara Vidwan tries to explain the concept of Nathaswaram and Carnatic Music to a foreigner in his own Desi-English, in their school competitions to win prizes...


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