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S.Ve.Shekher's Nam Kudumbam
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S.Ve.Shekher's Nam Kudumbam
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S.Ve.Shekher's Nam Kudumbam
S.Ve.Shekher S
Code SD091
Swathi's Family Entertainer


1.S.Ve.Shekher's Nam Kudumbam
Ragam: -
Talam: -
Composer: -

Format: DVD
Language: Tamil
Duration: 04:51:00


S.Ve.Shekher's Nam Kudumbam DVD
[12 Different collections of Telefilms]

S.Ve.SHEKHER has another name-hilarity!

This DVD pack proves it again. It presents 12 different teleplays- each describing the humorous escapades of a family in a particular situation.In every frame S.Ve. Sekar is in his elements sending peals of laughter with his spontaneity and witty wordplay. Pithy and perfectly timed, dialogues come in torrents poking fun at well-known personalities and the politics of the day. A perfect palliative that lessens the sting of several day- to- day problems, Nam Kudumbam is an ideal entertainer for the entire family.

1: Pudhu TV
2: Kinathule Petrol
3: Aathule Pona .Akka
4: Diet Control
5: Paatu Pooti
6: Pudayal
7: Nankodai Nayagan
8: Priyamulla Philomina
9: Ratha Dhaanam
10: Kann Dhaanam
11: Pavaadai Mama
12: Naai Josiyam

About S.Ve. Shekher...

His is a household name the very mention of which brings a smile. A leading comedian of the Tamil stage and screen, he has been around for over 30 years backed by an impressive array of superhit stageplays, teleserials and films. His plays have been staged more than 5,000 times within India and abroad by Natakhapriya, his troupe. Highly inclined to community service, he has often donated the proceeds of his stage plays to several social causes. S.V.Sekar has also won several prestigious awards that include Kalaivanar Award, Nagaichuvai Thendral, Nataka Vasool Chakravarthi, Kalaimamani, Nagaichuvai Nayagan - just to mention a few.

This product, backed by a genuine desire to preserve for posterity the Tamil comedy classics, has been retrieved from the archives and every effort has been made to give you a good viewing experience by and large.



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