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SAAVI's Washingtonil Thirumanam
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SAAVI's Washingtonil Thirumanam
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SAAVI's Washingtonil Thirumanam
Thiru Saavi T
Code SD421
Swathi's Family Entertainer


1.SAAVI's Washingtonil Thirumanam - 1
Ragam: -
Talam: -
Composer: Thiru Saavi
2.SAAVI's Washingtonil Thirumanam - 2
Ragam: -
Talam: -
Composer: Thiru Saavi

Format: DVD
Language: Tamil
Duration: 02:54:08


Marriage is a very joyful occasion...

If the marriage is to be held in Washington? That too, if it is to be held in Orthodox South Indian Tradition?

All things essential for marriage are taken from India to Washington and all arrangements are carried over there. Our marriage cultural and traditional activities are attracted by the Americans.

Washingtonil Thirumanam got a wide response and popularity when it was released as a story by Thiru. Saavi in a magazine and later as a stage drama. Thiru Chithralaya Gopu has written the screenplay & dialogue and has directed this Washingtonil Thirumanam for a television serial.

We are inviting you to come and laugh and enjoy this great marriage "Washingtonil Thirumanam".

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