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Uravugal Illayaidi Pappa
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Uravugal Illayaidi Pappa
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Uravugal Illayaidi Pappa
Cho Ramaswamy C
Code SD580
Swathi's Family Entertainer


1.Uravugal Illaiyadi Pappa
Ragam: -
Talam: -
Composer: Cho S.Ramaswamy

Format: DVD
Language: Tamil
Duration: 02:16:51

Uravugal Illaiyadi Pappa

Comment on the short comings in human nature can be strikingly bold or humorously subtle. Can it be both !! Is it possible to make it a sunaami as well as a Thendral. Indeed, it is possible if creator is the legend Shri CHO. This dvd is a rip roaring unfurling of the vagaries of human values in a family after a treasure is unearthed which still leaves an indelible mark in viewers mind – The Inimitable Cho's brand of creativity.

About the Author...

A lawyer, actor, playwright, editor of a popular weekly and a parliamentarian - 'Cho' S. Ramaswamy has several facets to his colorful personality. It is just not his versatility, but an abiding sincerity, forthrightness, impartiality and unimpeachable integrity that have made people across the country to eagerly look forward to his stand on any issue-political, social or economical.

His creative oeuvre includes over 25 stage plays, significant roles in 180 films, story-screenplays for 14 films, 4 teleplays, 6 novels and a score of articles on sociopolitical issues & treatises on Hinduism.

Disc Format Duration
Disc 1 DVD 2 hour 18 mins

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