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Chants for pregnancy
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Chants for pregnancy
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Chants for pregnancy
TKV Desikachar T
Code SM691
Swathi Soft Solutions

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Pregnancy, a much awaited phase of a woman's life, a unique blessing confered on the woman by nature to bear and bring forth new life...a precious experience that is marked by an ardent prayer for protection and good health for mother and baby. Pregnancy is in many ways a life-altering experience for the mother-to-be and marks a very important transitional milestone in her life. The importance of exposure to auspicious and positive vibrations can greatly promote the overall development of the foetus and also nourish the mother and child through pregnancy, delivery and after. What better way to create an ambience of such beneficial vibrations than by resorting to India's invaluable oral heritage - the Vedic mantra-s?

Swathi Soft Solutions in collaboration with Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram brings to you in this App, an unique collection of Vedic mantra-s to ensure a healthy and enjoyable pregnancy and the safe delivery of a healthy and happy baby.

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