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Nadha Bhramha - Sounds of the Beyond
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Nadha Bhramha - Sounds of the Beyond
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Nadha Bhramha - Sounds of the Beyond

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IN THE PRESENCE OF THE MASTER - Sounds of the Beyond

Description :
Nadha Bhramha The whole existence, as modern science proves it today, is just a vibration of energy. What is considered as physical reality is only a relative existence. This is also the essence of relegion. What a scientist merely deduces by his calculations and the relegious person believes, the yogi knows by his experience of the truth. This is called Nadha Brahma - the whole existence is just sound. The genesis of the song Nadha Bhramha goes back, to the time Sadhguru made his first journey, a decade ago, to Kanti Sarovar, beyond Kedarnath in the mystical Himalayas. "I was sitting silently on the banks of Kanti Sarovar, eyes wide open. Then I hear this song in a big way, in my own voice. I hear it loud and clear, so loud that it is as if the whole mountain is singing it. It is my voice singing and it is in Sanskrit, a language that I never learnt. In my experience everything has turned into sound. I did not create the song - the relationship of sound and form just descended upon me. If you just give yourself to this song there is a certain kind of power to it - it has the power to dissolve a person from a concrete form to a more malleable sound or vibration, should you throw yourself into it", says Sadhguru. Nadha bhramha vishwaswaroopa Nadhe hi sakala jeevaroopa Nadhe hi karma, nadhe hi dharma Nadhe hi bandhan, nadhe hi mukthi Nadhe hi shankar, nadhe hi shakti Nadha bhramha vishwaswaroopa Nadham nadham, sarvam nadham Nadham nadham, nadham nadham Sound is Bhramhan, the manifestation of the universe It is sound that has become all life-forms It is sound tha binds, it is sound that liberates Sound is the basis of bondage Sound is the basis of Ultimate Liberation Sound is the bestower, sound is the power Sound is Bhramhan, the manifestation of the universe Everything is sound Sound is omnipresent While the music of these songs soothe our minds and melody enthralls us, the true potential of these osngs goes far beyond. As with his numerous tools for human emancipation, Sadhguru uses these songs, in a variety of languages from chaste Sanskrit to colloquial Kannada, as a deep spiritual process to touch the core of a human being. Rendered by Sadhguru in his own voice, these songs now stand consecrated as powerful keys to mystical dimensions that go beyond the realm of logical understanding and limited existence. We hope this offering of the Master will dissolve you into subtler states that can become the basis of your emancipation. Namasthe.

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