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Vedic Chants for a healthy heart
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Vedic Chants for a healthy heart
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Vedic Chants for a healthy heart
Veda Pandit Sri S.Tatwamasi Dixit V
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The vedas are timeless and ageless. They transcend religion and beliefs.  They encompass immense knowledge and wisdom.  Traditionally it has been taught that just listening to Vedic chants and mantras permeates and nurtures the mind and soul.  Vedic mantras can put you in touch with the source and connect you to a higher level of consciousness. 

A complete programme for the prevention or rehabilitation of heart disease involves active reduction of stress.  A healthy diet, meditation and exercise are part of this programme.  Listening to Vedic mantras specifically aimed at the heart will place you firmly on the path to good health and well being.

The heart is perceived as the seat of emotions. Negative energies, both physical and emotional, inflict great pain on the heart.   It is human tendency to hold on to negative emotions and brood over them.  This sustained emotional stress, if not dealt with in the proper way, gets converted into physical ailments of the heart.

One must learn to accept one’s emotions and be more accepting of the natural ebbs and flows which occur in the human mind.  The process of letting go of these counter-productive thoughts will facilitate the healing of the heart.

Looking for faults and imperfections in others will inevitably have a negative effect on the heart.  When one’s heart generously perceives and appreciates the good qualities in others it will have a salutatory effect on the heart and fill it with positive energy.

When an unpleasant life event has gouged out a piece of one’s heart our inner reservoir of strength tends to dry up.  This disrupts the connection between body, mind and soul.  In this state the process of emotional healing can begin only when one learns to connect to the Cosmic Consciousness.  When the body, mind and soul unite as a healthy amalgamation, the resonance and equilibrium of the heart is restored.

When we ignore and discard decisions made by the heart in favor of the rational dictates of the head the resulting conflict can damage the heart.  An estranged heart, hurt constantly by a continuous suppression is a bag of choked emotions.  Opening the self to the inner voice of the heart allows healing.

Veda pandit Tatwamasi Dixit says

“to protect and nurture your heart be in touch with your inner self.  Open your heart to the higher self.  Be kind to your self.  Learn to love yourself and others unconditionally. Be forgiving of yourself and others. Most importantly learn to let go.

To get the maximum benefit out of these mantras here are a few guidelines to help you meditate.

Seat yourself comfortably in a calm and peaceful atmosphere.  Leave your hands loosely on your lap with the palms turned upwards.  Close your eyes.  Inhale deeply and exhale slowly seven times to calm your mind and body.  Be receptive and open to the mantras.  Let them pervade and permeate every cell of your body.  Submerge yourself in the peace and tranquility that emanates from the mantras”.

You can best observe the essence of these mantras by listening to them in two sessions.  Choose a calm time in your day such as early morning or late evening.

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