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Vedic Chants For Happiness and Peace
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Vedic Chants For Happiness and Peace
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Vedic Chants For Happiness and Peace
Veda Pandit Sri S.Tatwamasi Dixit V
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Ojas Foundation


The Vedas are timeless and ageless. They transcend religion and beliefs.  They encompass immense knowledge and wisdom.  Traditionally it has been taught that just listening to Vedic chants and mantras permeates and nurtures the mind and soul.  Vedic mantras can put you in touch with the source and connect you to a higher level of consciousness.

Human mind seeks happiness every moment of the waking hour, through every thought, experience and action.  Therefore the instinctive role for every human being is pursuit of happiness.

Whenever we are engaged in pleasurable activity, we desire that the activity should continue for ever.  On the other hand when we experience pain either in our body or in our mind, we want it to go away immediately.

If we are engineered to be happy at all times, then why should it be that we should experience unhappiness.  The only reason is ego, which leads us to the perception that one is superior or inferior on comparison with other fellow beings.  Each mind of the human being is structured differently.  Essential personality of every living being is neither mind nor body but Athmam, the all pervasive energy and this energy is homogeneous by nature.  Therefore all living beings are equal to each other and the perception that one is superior and the other inferior is just a product of ignorance.  It is the unfulfilled selfish desire that leads to anger, hatred, jealousy, fear, conflict and misery, which leads to unhappiness.  The mind free from all this is at peace at all times.  Egolessness, unconditional love, non-attachment and non-judgemental awareness creates a perpetual state of peace and happiness. 

Egolessness makes us respect everybody based on equality and thus all complexities which is related in our mind against people is eliminated in our interaction with other beings.  Loving every living being based on the perception that every living being is divine eliminates hatred, jealousy and fear from our mind.  Attachment to people and object creates a sense of belonging which is an erroneous perception as the entire creation belongs to everyone.  Understanding this reality and shedding attachment eliminates conflict in all our relationship with fellow being.

Once we understand and accept this reality we do not hate people or resist events and do not make mistakes in our thought, perception and action.  Elimination of ego and unconditional love without desire for attachment will lead to perpetual state of happiness, peace and joy.

What are you about to hear by the chanting of mantras in this compilation will lead you through a meditative process and the vedic hymns and the chants recited here would seep into the mind and would help to remove the ignorance, which leads to anger, hatred, jealousy, fear and finally unhappiness and would fill the mind with the right form of energy.  This helps in attaining and sustaining the perpetual state of happiness, peace and joy.

Be receptive and open to the mantras.  Let them pervade and permeate into every cell of your body spreading the message to normalize the blood pressure.  Submerge yourself in the peace and tranquility that emanates from the mantras.

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