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Vedic Chants to Eliminate high blood pressure
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Vedic Chants to Eliminate high blood pressure
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Vedic Chants to Eliminate high blood pressure
Veda Pandit Sri S.Tatwamasi Dixit V
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Ojas Foundation


The Vedas are timeless and ageless. They transcend religion and beliefs. They encompass immense knowledge and wisdom.  Traditionally it has been taught that just listening to Vedic chants and mantras permeates and nurtures the mind and soul.  Vedic mantras can put you in touch with the source and connect you to a higher level of consciousness.

Modern life style with its inherent and attendant compulsions due to various reasons imposes a lot of stress which leads to the development of essential hypertension commonly known as high blood pressure.  In older times when people had a more sedate life style, this problem was relatively non-existent. Investigations point to an array of psychosocial and environmental factors, characteristic to the modern lifestyle, as one of the major reasons for the development of essential Hypertension.

Adding to the problem is the fact that Hypertension remains asymptomatic in many cases and evades early detection and treatment.  Potential candidates for Hypertension may lead a normal life, their social and occupational function still unaffected, until they suddenly complain of acute pain in the chest or collapse or the revelation may accidentally come across when their doctors inform them that they suffer from high blood pressure and prescribe a long list of medicines with lifestyle modification to be continued for the rest of their life. If left untreated it can damage the brain, heart and kidneys.

In Ayurveda it is described that any issue small or big which is unresolved and unattended leads to stress and anxiety. Unattended stress and anxiety leads to over activity of the mind which in turn leads to vitiation of plasma, lymphs, circulation which disturbs the blood chemistry and gets manifested in the form of essential hypertension.

It has been accepted world wide that listening to vedic chants for a longer period of time leads to a state where the ordinary thinking process settles down and a distinctive psycho physiological state of "restful alertness" is gained. This state is characterized by decreased respiration, skin conductance level and decreased plasma lactate. The directed meditation reduces the sympathetic activity and regulates adrenalin and non adrenalin secretion.   On the other hand it also increases frontal alpha coherence and cerebral blood flow.

What you are about to hear by the chanting of mantras in this compilation will lead you through a meditative process and the vedic hymns and the chants recited here would seep into the mind and would help to remove the root cause of hypertension build up and would fill the mind with the right form of energy which helps in controlling, reducing and normalizing the blood pressure.

Be receptive and open to the mantras.  Let them pervade and permeate every cell of your body spreading the message to normalize the blood pressure.  Submerge yourself in the peace and tranquility that emanates from the mantras”. 

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