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Vedic Chants to Eliminate stress anxiety and depression
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Vedic Chants to Eliminate stress anxiety and depression
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Vedic Chants to Eliminate stress anxiety and depression
Veda Pandit Sri S.Tatwamasi Dixit V
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Ojas Foundation


The Vedas are timeless and ageless. They transcend religion and beliefs.  They encompass immense knowledge and wisdom.  Traditionally it has been taught that just listening to Vedic chants and mantras permeates and nurtures the mind and soul.  Vedic mantras can put you in touch with the source and connect you to a higher level of consciousness.

Mind is a marvel, it makes or mars a persons well being, it plays a very vital role in developing the personality of a person, be it high, be it low, it helps to anchor and attain equanamous state and prevents a person from going adrift.

What is it that influences and affects the mind- the senses- thoughts acts and deeds?

It has now become essential in a world full of stress, that the mind be directed by the senses and also powered by it. When the senses loose the energy, the mind gets exhausted this allows depression to set in. Senses loose their energy when they are pushed to the limit that is, when they are mostly misused and or abused. Any issue be it small or big which is unresolved and unattended leads to stress and anxiety. Unattended stress leads to anxiety, high anxiety which leads to depression; this affects the mind which over a period of time transcends to the body. When this happens, Ojas, Tejas, Balam, Indriyam, Veeryam disappear from us. Lack of acceptance of defeat and low self esteem leads to depression and consequential self defeating action.

The Vedas in their inimitable mantras and chants offer a wide variety of solutions to over come stress, anxiety and depression.  It puts the senses directly in touch with the source of energy, which directly powers the senses, the senses power the mind there by canalizing the mind in the right direction, to think right, and do things right. It brings clarity of thought and sets it to do constructive action and work, there by increasing self- confidence and self worth.

The mantras seep into the mind and remove the root cause of stress, anxiety and depression and builds and fills the mind with right form of energy, which helps the individual to realize the presence of the ‘Atman’ the self which leads to the realization of the ‘Being’ or the oneness with the ‘Paramatman’.

To get the maximum benefit out of these mantras, here are a few guidelines to help you meditate.

Seat yourself comfortably in a calm and peaceful atmosphere.  Leave your hands loosely on your lap with the palms turned upwards.  Close your eyes.  Inhale deeply and exhale slowly seven times to calm your mind and body.  Be receptive and open to the mantras.  Let them pervade and permeate every cell of your body.  Submerge yourself in the peace and tranquility that emanates from the mantras”. 

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