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A Guru Always Takes You for a Ride - VCD
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A Guru Always Takes You for a Ride - VCD
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A Guru Always Takes You for a Ride - VCD

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IN THE PRESENCE OF THE MASTER - A Guru Always Takes you for a Ride

Description :
Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev is a Realized Master, Yogi and a profound Mystic of our times. Belonging to no particular tradition, Sadhguru incorporates what is most valid for the modern seeker from the spiritual sciences. Sadhguru developed Isha Yoga - Yoga of the Divine, as the vehicle to transmit a deep experience of the Self, which rooted in Him three lifetimes ago. Over the past decade and a half, Sadhguru has initiated and nurtured hundreds of thousands of people on the spiritual path. Offering Himself as a live possiblity, Sadhguru bestows upon the seeker the rare oppurtunity of growning under the nourishing gaze of the Master. In the Presence fo the Master Series are live recordings of discourses and answers to an intricate array of questions by disciples and seekers amidst the challenges of life. Engulfed by Sadhguru's Presence, the seeker is liberated from the pain of ignorance, establishing firmly the spiritual process within.

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