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Asaiku Adipadai
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Asaiku Adipadai
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Asaiku Adipadai

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Asaiku Adipadai
  SADHGURU JAGGI VASUDEV Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev is a Realized Master, Yogi and a profound Mystic of our times. Belonging to no particular tradition, Sadhguru incorporates what is most valid for the modern seeker from the spiritual sciences. Sadhguru developed Isha Yoga - Yoga of the Divine, as the vehicle to transmit a deep experience of the Self, which rooted in Him three lifetimes ago. Over the past decade and a half, Sadhguru has initiated and nurtured hundreds of thousands of people on the spiritual path. Offering Himself as a live possibility, Sadhguru bestows upon the seeker the rare opportunity of growing under the nourishing gaze of the Master. ISHA FOUNDATION an international public service organization founded by Sadhguru embraces the human effort to transcend physical reality in order to reach an inner reality, inner awareness or enlightment. This is the purpose of life itsel. Isha Foundation practices the ancient principle that the body is the temple of the spirit and that good health is fundamental to spiritual development. Yoga is communicated on an experiential level and encourages an opening of the heart and consciousness to new dimensions of feeling, thinking and living. Apart from transmitting the life transforming science of yoga, Isha Foundation has also initiated projects of social and national significance. The Foundation also administers the Isha Yoga Center, located at the foothills of the Velliangiri Mountains, 30 kms from Coimbatore. It houses the Dhyanalinga Multi-religious Temple and meditation shrine, the Spanda Hall - a 64,000 sq.ft. mediation hall and program facility with modern amenities. It also operates a yogic hospital to treat chronic ailments using yogic and natural methods.

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