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BEYOND TIME The Indian Heritage Series
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BEYOND TIME The Indian Heritage Series
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BEYOND TIME The Indian Heritage Series

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Swathi Soft Solutions

Beyond Time The Indian Heritage Series
Series Vol. 01 | SIX-DVD BOX SET

The strength of a culture can be judged by it's power to withstand the test of time. It is also judged by its capacity to absorb and assimilate knowledge from other cultures when confronted by them. From the Vedic times, Indian culture has confronted diverse spiritual thoughts... diverse art forms... diverse languages... diverse customs and has grown stronger by assimilation, rationalization and integration.

This is our heritage. It is India's history and tradition, transmitted and inherited by us from our ancestors. Today, this heritage covers our religion, our monuments, our temples, our art, our music and our people. This is why, we have always been considered by the world as a "Unity in Diversity".

The Beyond Time Series of Documentaries works closely with scholars, researchers and educationists to produce authentic and well-researched films.

This DVD Box Set contains the following Documentary films on SIX DVDs:

    1. Ajanta - The History & Mystery

    2. Ellora - Faith, Religion & Art

    3. Walk With The Master - the story of the sites of The Buddha

    4. Preserving Heritage - Uttaramerur

    5. Yantra - The Power of Crystals

    6. Yoga For General Health

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