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From Creation to Creator
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From Creation to Creator
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From Creation to Creator
Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev S
Code AMDV6051

From Creation to Creator
  Yogi. mystic and visionary, Sadhguru is a spiritual master with a difference. Hits life and work serve as a reminder that yoga is not an esoteric discipline from an outdated past, but a contemporary science, virtually relevant to our times

In a series of Intriguing discourse and answers to a variety of life-relevant questions. 'In the Presence of the Master' offers glimpses of Sadhguru's profound wisdom.

In this volume, From Creation to Creator, Sadhguru shares this deep wisdom and understanding about core questions of humanity. Effortlessly tackling challenging subject like creation, creator, spirituality, life and death, he unravels the very mysteries of existence

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