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Yoga Nidra
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Yoga Nidra
Yogacharya Arunkumar Y
Code AM5068


Yoga Nidra

Description :
Why Yoga Nidra? 1. Relaxes the mind and releases stress 2. Brings in quality Sleep 3. Improves concentration and memory 4. Balance Hypertension 5. Helps Cardio - Vascular System 6. A wonderful tonic for nervous and immune systems Yoganidra is one of the most relaxing techniques to destress... this wonderful audio will definitely help control B.P., Diabetes, Angina (CAD) etc., besides offering a peaceful mind and relaxed body. - Dr. K.P. Misra (Sr. Consultant Cardioloist, Apollo Hospitals, Chennai.

Tracks :

Yoga Nidra

Lyrics : Yogacharya Arunkumar

Music : Yogacharya Arunkumar

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