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A Drop from the Gita
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A Drop from the Gita
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A Drop from the Gita
Isaikkavi Ramanan I
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It is impossible for anyone not to be influenced by Bhagwat Gita. Like the One who spoke it, the Gita is fascinating, intriguing and charming. This one book is sufficient to take us through the tumult of worldly life or across the tossing sea of samsara. Isaikkavi Ramanan � a poet, composer, singer in Tamil, a prolific writer and speaker in Tamil and English, a photographer, a pilgrim, a disciple of Satguru Sri Sivanandamurty who showed him Krishna has come forward to share a drop of bliss that he enjoyed from the vast ocean called Gita. It is a two part essay, quoting from various chapters of the Bhagwat Gita and relating them to our present day life.

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