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Ellorkkum Thanthai Iraivan
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Ellorkkum Thanthai Iraivan
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Ellorkkum Thanthai Iraivan
Isaikkavi Ramanan I
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Ellorkkum Thanthai Iraivan (Tamil: Essays on the glory of Siva and His saint poets)

Siva means auspiciousness, splendor and sublimation. He is not the God of destruction but the Lord of pralaya, involution. While there is nothing beyond Him, He is beside us ever. His nature being causeless compassion, He is easy to please and is called the innocent Lord. It is exhilarating indeed to read the stories of His devotees, particularly saint poets, who sang splendid hymns born out of their deep love and devotion for Siva. Isaikkavi Ramanan takes us along the route that those great men trod, explaining His greatness through their hymns.

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