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Thiruvadi Perumai
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Thiruvadi Perumai
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Thiruvadi Perumai
Nagai Mukundan N
Code AMDV024

Thiruvadi Perumai - Nagai Mukundan

Sri D.Mukundan, affectionately known as Nagai Mukundan in literacy and religious circles is a 'class apart' among speakers. With his bold, resonating voice, Sri nagai Mukundan attracts one and all by lecturing our great epics, namely Ramayanam & Mahabharatham in chaste Tamil. Lucid in his style, he is a layman's and learner's delight at once.

Groomed and blessed by his Guru 'Pulavar Thilakam' Pulavar Keeran, Sri Nagai Mukundan is endowned with crystal-clear delivery and diction, which bears a striking resemblance to that of his mentor.

Sri Nagai Mukundan is blessed with many titles and awards. He is the first recipient of the State Government Award 'KALAI MAA MANI' for religious discourses. He has travelled extensively within India and abroad.

Amutham Music presents this DVD on 'THIRUVADI PERUMAI' in which Sri Nagai Mukundan explains and elaborates the glory and sacredness of THIRUVADI (God's feet)

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