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Way of the Vedas
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Way of the Vedas
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Way of the Vedas
Isaikkavi Ramanan I
Code SMP695
Swathi's Sanskriti Series


1.Way Of The Vedas
Ragam: -
Talam: -
Composer: Traditional

Format: MP3
Language: Tamil & English
Duration: 02:11:00


"India’s future lies in its past; not the recent past but the remote past," says Satguru Sivanandamurty. The Vedas are a treasure from that past that is relevant and necessary today. Our ancestors, the Rishis, delved into themselves and deciphered not only the Ultimate Truth but also facts such as the structure of the universe, the secrets of creation, and the ways of the world. They recorded their deep experiences in no ordinary poetry but couched them in “alignment of potent sounds” or mantras. They remain efficacious, in keeping us on the path of righteousness, being a functional citizen in society and elevating us to the highest spiritual attainment.

Isaikkavi Ramanan is a Tamil poet, composer, singer, author, orator and photographer and is also a pilgrim. He has travelled India and abroad, giving talks in Tamil and English on literature, spirituality and lofty living. Taking early retirement after serving with The Hindu newspaper for 27 years, he has pursued his personal dreams, inspired by his Master, Satguru Sivanandamurty, who lives in Bheemunipatnam, near Visakhapatnam.

A great admirer of the way of life propounded by the Vedas, Ramanan has written the script for the Way of the Vedas, providing explanatory notes for Vedic passages in English and Tamil, for the benefit of a wide audience, in conversational style.

Conversing with him is his ardent friend, Dharma Raman. She is an advocate, marriage counselor, Rotarian, columnist, speaker and blogger.
Recorded at Surang Studio Chennai

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