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Pictures of Melody - T. Brinda - Bowing to Classicism
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Pictures of Melody - T. Brinda - Bowing to Classicism
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Pictures of Melody - T. Brinda - Bowing to Classicism
Sangeetha Kalanidhi T.Brinda S
Code OPD0279
Heritage Publishing House

Pictures of Melody

First Ever Pictorial Series on Carnatic Music Legends Thoroughly Researched,
Racy Narrative, Fabulous Pictures.

Product Description:
Pictures of Melody provides insights into the lives of Carnatic music legends. Theirs are stories that inspire, that celebrate passion and hard work. Theirs are stories that are worth retelling as often as they are retold.
Pictures of Melody offers an invaluable experience for the melody-driven. This series will include titles on both Performers and Composers.

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Forthcoming Titles:

Palghat Mani Iyer
- Rhythm Ecstasy
Centenary Special-2012

Ariyakudi Ramanuja Iyengar
- Short is Sweet

Annamacharya (1408-1503)
- Kriti Unveiled

Purandaradasa (1485-1556)
- Stressing the Basics

About the author:
LAKSHMI DEVNATH is a well-known researcher and writer in Carnatic music. Her articles and features numbering close to 200 have featured in leading publications like The Hindu and Sruti India's Premier Magazine for the Performing Arts. Her passion is to familiarize the young with India's glorious heritage through innovative stories. An earlier effort of hers in this direction, Poorva Magic Miracles and the Mystical Twelve, that narrates the stories of the Azhvars and released in 2007 was a runaway success. The projects that she is currently involved in include Poorva in the Vedic Age; Sargam a fascinating journey into the world of Carnatic music and this pictorial biographies series. Her other books include A Class Apart, the biography of the educationist Dr. (Mrs.) YG Parthasarathy and Lotus a monograph written for danseuse Anita Ratnam. Lakshmi's full-fledged biography of the living legend Sri Lalgudi Jayaraman is due to be published by Harper Collins shortly.

The issue on T. Brinda, Bowing to Classicism has been endorsed by Padma Shri Smt Aruna Sairam

Each book includes free autographed Picture Card of the artist.

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