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Tanjore S. Kalyanaraman - The Sunaadha Vinodhan
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Tanjore S. Kalyanaraman - The Sunaadha Vinodhan
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Tanjore S. Kalyanaraman - The Sunaadha Vinodhan
Sri Tanjore S.Kalyanaraman S
Code SD294
Swathi's Sanskriti Series


1.Tanjore S. Kalyanaraman - The Sunaadha Vinodhan
Ragam: -
Talam: -

Format: DVD
Language: English
Duration: 01:25:19


This 85 Minutes visual treat is soaked in the eternal music of The One and Only - SKR. Forthright analysis on various facets of SKR's music is provided by the Living Legends, Maestros, Patrons and budding vidhwans of Carnatic Music as also principal disciples of SKR.

This array of celebrities include Dr. M. Balamuralikrishna, Shri T.K. Govinda Rao, Shri P.S.Narayanaswamy,Madurai Shri T.N. Seshagopalan, Trichur Shri V. Ramachandran, Shri Sanjay Subrahmaniam, Smt. Gayathri Girish, Smt. Anuradha Sriram, Lalgudi Shri G. Jayaraman, Shri M.S. Gopalakrishnan, Shri M. Chandrasekharan,Smt. T. Rukmini, Kum. A. Kanyakumari, Nagai Shri Muralidharan, Lalgudi Shri G.J.R. Krishnan, Shri V. Sanjeev, Umayalpuram Shri K. Sivaraman, Guruvayur Shri Dorai, Mannargudi Shri A. Easwaran, Karaikudi Shri R. Mani, Srimushnam Shri V. Raja Rao, Tiruvarur Shri Bhakthavatsalam, Shri N. Ramani, Smt. Muthu Meenakshi,HMV Shri Raghu, Shri N. V. Subramaniam, Nadopasana Shri Srinivasan, Shanthi Arts Shri Ramabhadran,Krishna Gana Sabha Shri Y. Prabhu, Smt. Subbalakshmi Swaminathan, Smt. Brinda Venkataramanan,Smt. Bhushany Kalyanaraman, Smt.S.Mathangi, Smt. Visalakshi Suryanarayana

Tanjore S.Kalyanaraman A Glimpse...

Fondly remembered as SKR, this principal disciple of the Legend G.N.Balasubramaniam, evolved his own Baani which effectively synthesised GNB's niche and his own multi faceted Manodharma.

SKR was a master in laya algorithm as well as swara raaga bhaavam. Fast with precision and clarity is the hallmark of SKR's cascading brigaas, neravals and sangathis which added a special sheen to his Baani.

SKR's invaluable contribution to the world of carnatic music took the form of compositions born as his brain children. The gamut of Kriti renditions, creation of Panchama Varjitha Dvimadhyama Raagaas, Thillanas, tuning the Ashtapathis with Hindustani flavour, songs of Guru Surajanandha as also N. S. Chidambaram and so on are a veritable boon to the carnatic music fraternity.

Backed by genuine desire to preserve for posterity, Swathi's Sanskriti Series, uses the best of technology to release this product.

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