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Learn Moras & Korvais
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Learn Moras & Korvais
Padma Vibhushan Umayalpuram Dr K.Sivaraman P
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Swathi Soft Solutions

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Mrudangam legend Dr Umayalpuram K Sivaraman presents a gamut of Moras and Korvais, the crown jewel of a tani avarthanam. This DVD has over 200 unique scintillating pieces that have extensive discussions covering structure, design and rendition with detailed explanation by Dr Sivaraman, in his own inimitable style while providing a dazzling display of percussive techniques presented along with his senior disciples. The lively interactions presented in a learning mode have very valuable annotations of playing techniques deployed by yester year greats including his revered gurus. The commentary by Dr Sivaraman on design of classical moras and korvais with improvisations done by him is thought provoking and his own compositions inspiring to the viewer.

A separate section covering advanced playing techniques which include special korvais - dwi kala, tri gathi & pancha gathi korvais are a highlight. A set of unique matching moras and korvais is also demonstrated that have similar rhythmic pattern with intriguing and innovative interpretations.

He dwelves in detail about the rhythmic beauty of moras and korvais in Adi, Rupaka chapu, Misra Chapu, Kanda Chapu, Kanda thriputa and Misra jampa talas. The legend demonstrates with great splendour the way it is employed in multiple combinations and spontaneous variations. To add colour, these have been demonstrated in the songs rendered by artistes Sri V V Ravi (Violin) and Sri Bharat Sundar (Vocal for 4 talas where Dr Sivaraman plays 4 different tanis. He provides practical tips and clues, for applying these to complex talas in prime numbers without compromising attractiveness and scholarship.

Another unique feature is the inclusion of application of these to bharatanatyam (Adavus). A live performance of 5 most popular dancers who perform to Dr Sivaraman's compositions are also added.

The concluding piece in misra chapu tala, is a visual demonstration of dexterity of the legend playing with the rhythm box in a display of technical prowess that signifies complete mastery over laya, akin to walking on the razor's edge.

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