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Anil Srinivasan , Sikkil C.Gurucharan
Code SMP808
Swathi's Sanskriti Series


1.Kandukondein ("I have seen")
Ragam: Kalyani
Talam: -
Composer: -
Ragam: Hamsanandi
Talam: -
Composer: -
3.Ekkalathilum ("Forever")
Ragam: Sahana
Talam: -
Composer: -
4.Umayalin Azhagil ("The Goddess, in her Beauty")
Ragam: Ragmala
Talam: -
Composer: -
5.Parvati Kumarane ("Son of Parvati")
Ragam: Nattakurinji
Talam: -
Composer: -
6.Kurinji Andavar Charanam
Ragam: Hamsadhvani
Talam: -
Composer: -
7.Marakka Iyaluma ("Will I forget you")
Ragam: Desh
Talam: -
Composer: -

Format: ACD
Language: Tamil
Duration: 01:03:00


Srimathi Premala Mothilal’s compositions stemming from the heart are the many splendored emotions of love for God gifted to her by the divine grace of Bhagwan Shri Sathya Sai Baba and Melmaruvatur Amman. Arulamudham is a result of her complete surrender to her Ishta Devatas and is a compilation of a few of the many keertanas and Sai Bhajans that she has penned and gifted to fellow Bhaktas. She is indebted to her mentor Sangeetha Vidwan Smt Guruvayur Rajam Rajagopalan and wishes that the listeners will derive as much joy and inspiration from her songs soulfully rendered by Anil and Charan as she has had in composing them.

Pianist Anil Srinivasan and Vocalist Sikkil Gurucharan are innovators who are now widely recognized for their pioneering collaboration. They have gained a worldwide following in a very short period of time, and continue to record and perform widely. Both are recipients of national honours for their art.

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