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Shruthi Raj S
Code SA1012


1 Intakopamelara (Varnam)
Ragam : Ghana Ragamalika
Talam : Adi
Composer : Vina Kuppayyar
2 Paridanamicchite (Krti)
Ragam : Bilahari
Talam : Khanda Chapu
Composer : Patnam Subrahmanya Iyer
3 Dalachinavaru (Krti)
Ragam : Dhanyasi
Talam : Adi
Composer : Subbaraya Shastri
4 Satileniguruguha (Krti)
Ragam : Poorvikalyani
Talam : Mishra Chapu
Composer : Ponnayya Pillai
5 Veganeevu (Javali)
Ragam : Surati
Talam : Roopaka
Composer : Ramanathapuram Shrinivasa Iyengar


The Continuing Legacy

Celebrating the shishya parampara of the Carnatic Trinity


Vina Kuppayyar (1798 – 1860): A senior disciple of Tyagaraja (1767 – 1847), he left a trail-blazing legacy of compositions, particularly Varnams, using his musical signature (mudra), Gopaladasa.

Patnam Subrahmanya Iyer (1845 – 1902): A famous performer-composer, he was a disciple of Manambuchavadi Venkatasubbayyar, who was in turn a student of Tyagaraja. He composed with the mudra, Venkatesha, in a style that closely resembles that of Tyagaraja. Some of his famous students are Mysore Vasudevachar and Tiger Varadachar.

Subbaraya Shastri (1803 – 1862): Son of Shyama Shastri (1762 – 1827), he has the unique distinction of having learnt from each of the Carnatic Trinity. He is known for his elegantly leisurely style and his compositions carry his mudra, Kumara.

Ponnayya Pillai (b. 1804): He and his brothers (Chinnayya, Sivanandam & Vadivelu) are famously known as the Tanjavur Quartet of composers and performers. His training under and devotion for Muttuswami Dikshitar (1775 – 1835) is evident in his use of the mudra, Guruguhadasa. The Tanjavur Quartet is credited with systematizing the dance repertoire prevalent today. A lot of Ponnayya’s compositions are also used as purely musical pieces.

Ramanathapuram Shrinivasa Iyengar (1860 – 1919): A disciple of Patnam Subrahmanya Iyer, he composed with the mudra Shrinivasa. His compositions span a wide range, and include Varnams, Krtis, Javalis and Tillanas.

Shruthi Raj began her music tutelage with Vidushi Madhavi Rajagopalan in Bengaluru. Currently training with renowned musician Vidushi Kiranavali Vidyasankar, she has performed at many prestigious venues across India, USA and Singapore.

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