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T.Brinda - All Time Favourites - Vol2
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T.Brinda - All Time Favourites - Vol2
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T.Brinda - All Time Favourites - Vol2
Sangeetha Kalanidhi T.Brinda S
Code SMP934
Swathi's Sanskriti Series


Ragam: Bowli
Talam: Jhampa
Composer: Thyagaraja
Ragam: Dhanyasi
Talam: Adi
Composer: Subbaraya Sastri
Ragam: Poorvikalyani
Talam: Adi
Composer: Tiruvarur Ramaswamy Pillai
4.Enduku Nirdaya
Ragam: Harikambhoji
Talam: Adi
Composer: Thyagaraja
Ragam: Mukhari
Talam: Adi
Composer: Subbaraya Sastri
Ragam: Atana
Talam: Triputa
Composer: Swati Tirunal
Ragam: Madhyamavati
Talam: Adi
Composer: Thyagaraja

Format: ACD
Language: Telugu
Duration: 01:09:32


 T. Brinda affectionately referred to as Brindammais one of the most remarkable musicians in the annals of Carnatic music and was the most prominent and eloquent inheritors of the Veena Dhanammal Bani, known for its vibrant classicism, unhurried, alluring movements, as also for its use of intricate gamakas in the handling of ragas. Brinda absorbed both the sublime and intricate Dhanammal style and Naina Pillai's fast paced masculine music and blended them seamlessly into her singing.

She was an expert at rendering ragas that featured complex patterns and subtle gamakas, such as Begada, Mukhari, Sahana, Suruti, Varali etc. She was not only a repository of Kshetrayya padams and javalis but also a master of many rare compositions of the Carnatic Music Trinity. Her music was soul stirring and full of microscopic nuances. She had a captivating voice, which had clarity, sweetness, depth and majesty. This product is a private collection of her daughter Smt. Vegavahini Vijayaraghavan who is also an accomplanished musician.

The hallmark of this ACD is the spectacular exposition of the rare composition of Tyagaraja. "Nemorabetti" in Todi by the doyen and the soulful rendition of Shyama Sastri's master piece "Brova Vamma" in Manji. The superb composition "Venkatasaila" in the raga Hamirkalyani is an added attraction in this product.

Backed by genuine desire to preserve for posterity, Swathi's Sanskriti Series, uses the best of technology to release this product.

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